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"Torn Threads" is a gritty one-hour scripted TV pilot based on d. E. Rogers' The Dark Side of Money book series. It tells the behind the scenes story of a family owned fashion empire in peril. Held together and divided by a tormenting and intimidating mother Gloria Dean, the business thrives. After a sudden attempt on Gloria's life, she is put into a coma. Divided by greed, the family members wage an all-out war to gain control of the company. In a surprise twist, the bylaws place the eldest sister Jasmine in charge.

Being the black sheep of the family and due to her torrid relationship with her mother, Jasmine had no intention of returning home and running the company. After analyzing her dismal options and wanting to salvage a relationship with her mother, she accepts to make amends. When Jasmine returns, she is greeted by her icy-cold siblings with contempt. Both her brother and sister battle her as if the company was theirs, enlisting the aid of their mother’s long-time conniving business partner. They'll scheme to put an end to Jasmine’s new reign. 


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The goal with Torn Threads is to begin production in late 2019. We are currently in pre-production and looking for executive producers to help with our financing and fundraising efforts. If interested in being a part of something special, please use the contact form below and explain how you would like to assist. 



d. E. Rogers is a screenwriter, director, producer and the author of eleven novels, White Lie, Color Line, Just Like Your Daddy, I Know She Didn't, Crossing Color Lines, Counterfeit Friends, Forgetting U Existed, Innocent Crook, The Dark Side of Money, Dethroned, and Dynasty. All of the books in the Dark Side of Money book series have been Best Sellers. He has also directed three short films; He's a Stanford University-certified Project Manager; and has attended the University of Notre Dame for Executive Leadership and Management and the New York Film Academy for film production. d. E. holds a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management and Production from Purdue University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Bethel College. As he moves into the world of film and television, he feels that his business acumen and project management experience will be huge assets in helping him run the show "Torn Threads" and making it a successful hit.

Reviews For The Dark Side of Money Series (Torn Threads)


Anne Stevens

5.0 out of 5 stars

Intriguing and Phenomenal Book!!!

Wow! D.E Rogers has done it again!! The Dark Side of Money is a "Phenomenal" read. I did not want to put this book down. I have to admit I was drawn to the book from the very moment I read the title. To know it was written by D.E Rogers made the book that more intriguing. Trust me you will absolutely love and enjoy this book. When the author says this family is "ruthless" that's exactly what he means. The family will stop at nothing to get their mother's empire. You will want to stay up all night reading; it is just that good. My husband kept asking was I coming to bed and I kept saying no, I have to read just one more chapter.

The book is filled with all types of twists, mischief and downright evilness, never a dull moment in the book. You do not have to worry about your interest staying peaked, it will plus some. Remember to always expect the unexpected while reading. I absolutely loved this book!! I plan on grabbing a copy for my sister for Christmas; I know she will love it as much as I did. You know you have your hands on a good book when you find yourself having different types of emotions toward the characters. Superb book for all those wondering! I highly recommend reading this book...Two thumbs up!!!



5.0 out of 5 stars

Fast-paced and biting drama

Like a soap opera on steroids, "Dethroned" pulls you into a high stakes family drama and doesn't let go. I felt like I was sucked into an urban version of "Dallas", with female versions of JR and Bobby. I absolutely loved the characters in this story, their complex relationships, and the lengths that they went to to get what they wanted and to exact revenge on each other. Gloria was, by far, my favorite. A strong woman who stood up for herself, yet made some serious mistakes along the way. Don't we all? This was a highly entertaining read from start to finish.



5.0 out of 5 stars

Fast-paced and Entertaining

Dynasty is the last book in a series of three and makes for a fast-paced and enjoyable read. It directly carries on from the previous books in the series, so it’s best to read those first. I’ve always been fascinated by the implications that money can have on the way that people think and behave and this story was a fun glimpse into one set of possible outcomes. In many places, it reads like a soap opera – full of dysfunction and drama. That’s not a bad thing though. Instead, the story is very entertaining and worth the read.

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